About ClearTheAir

#ClearTheAir is a group of educators who believe:

  • community, learning and dialogue are essential to our personal and professional development
  • we have the power and responsibility to lay the foundations necessary to create a more just and equitable society
  • education is a vehicle for social change

As a part of #ClearTheAir we:

  • engage in public discourse because it allows us to live our values out loud
  • invite others into the conversation and hold them lovingly accountable
  • understand that we are on a lifelong journey and are committed to taking any steps that move us forward

New To #ClearTheAir?

Here are some Moments to help you will Orientation and Participation

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Read the 2019-2020 #ClearTheAir Annual Evaluation

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Read the Summer and Fall 2019 #ClearTheAir Evaluation

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Financial Report

July 29, 2020: #ClearTheAir earned a total of $490 from the sale of our MLK Jr-inspired shirts. Our expenses are approximately $1,200. They include pro Zoom account, pro Voxer account, website registration, graphic recordings, ASL interpretation, podcast. Expenses are covered from donations for my labor.

#ClearTheAir earned a total of $875.30 as of 12/20/19 from the sale of t-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers. Funds are used for a pro Zoom account, a pro Voxer account, website registration, books, and to support a face-to-face gathering.